Atlantic Braids Gripflex-24 By the Foot


SKU: ABL21117LIG8PUR600 Atlantic Braids Ltd.

Made with a 24 strand braided polyester cover with a braided polyester core, these ropes are static climbing lines for use by tree care professionals. They have superb knot holding ability and can be spliced. GripFlex-24™ lines are comparably light weight and maintain their roundness while in use.

    Features & Benefits:

    • High strength
    • Low stretch
    • High UV resistance
    • Abrasion resistant
    • Flexible
    • Torque free

    Technical Specifications: 

    • Diameter:  7/16'  (11.7 mm)
    • Weight:  6.6 lbs / 100 ft
    • Min. Tensile: 5,923 lbs
    • Avg. Tensile: 6,180 lbs