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TRADE SHOW AND EVENTS - Where have we been!!!

January 10 - 12, 2017

The Landscape Ontario Congress 2017 was a great success.  Not only did we have the opportunity to showcase our fantastic Hasegawa Tripod Ladders and show our customers the benefits of these by comparison to the other ladders out there; we also had the pleasure of having Bill from Barnel USA join us in our booth to demonstrate and allow fellow exhibitors and attendees to test out some of the great Barnel pruners, loppers, and sharpeners that are now available! 

All who attended our booth fully enjoyed cutting away at the branches with these to see and feel the fantastic results right in the palm of their hands.  With these demonstrations of great products, our booth was a flurry of activity, much like the flurries that fell outside on the opening day of the show.

- Jaime



16 January, 2017

Last Friday we had the opportunity to visit Humber College to meet the students in the Arborist Apprenticeship and Urban Arboriculture programs who just started their classes last week.  

We set up a display in what the students and faculty affectionately refer to as “The Bubble”, a massive dome structure that was once a sports structure and is now used as a training facility.  It was a very cool site and the visit served as a great opportunity for us to chat with the students, answer any questions that they had, and show them an assortment of the gear that we offer.  We also brought a small inventory of staple items with us that they could purchase on site. 

 As it turned out, the students weren’t the only ones to learn something!  The visit was also a great opportunity for us to get a better understanding of the equipment needs of the two programs respectively so that we are able to better assist them in the future.  

The day was a win-win from our perspective and we hope that this can become an annual event!

We would like to extend our thanks once again to the faculty for the invitation, we hope that the students get lots of use out of all their shiny new gear!!

-  Mike

The TCI EXPO is the world’s largest tree care industry trade show and conference, hosted by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA).

This year’s Expo in Baltimore was a brief experience for me, it was only a one day visit.

When I go to shows, in most cases I try to go in with a clear purpose or objective. Having pre-established mission works for me.  Whether it is to meet suppliers, learn about new products, or just to hang out and chat with customers.   If I go in blindly or try to do all of these at once, I end up feeling like I didn’t really get much value out of the show and feel as if I have wasted my time.

I went into the TCIA Expo with a very clear objective, to announce the opening of our new store in British Columbia to all of our suppliers.   The show was a great opportunity to be able to tell people about this personally since so many of them participate, so I prepared a one page Press release highlighting the details and off I went.

I was able to speak with a lot of people at the show:  Samson, Teufelberger, Yale,  Petzl, Buckingham , Weaver Leather,  DMM, ISC, Kask, RockExotica, Arborwear, SIP Protection , AirSpade, Colorado Mountain Equipment, CMI, Dogget Corporation,  Fred Marvin, Haix, Logrite and Stein all had booths.

The reception I got to our news from each of them was outstanding, everybody was very supportive and  happy to see us growing and expanding.  We are really excited about this project so it was great to hear!

I also had the opportunity to meet with a handful of potential new suppliers.  I had an especially great conversation with the boys from Clogger, they have really great products, especially the FR line.  Unfortunately the CSA rating is an issue for us, so we will have to see what we can do and where we can go with them.

Due to the fact that the show took place just before the US election, we had to deal with a bit of chaos in the streets as a result of protests that were taking place, but overall the visit to Baltimore was a great experience!   

This show was one that I think every Arborist should experience at least once.  TCIA is a great organization, their seminars are always very interesting and it’s a great place to meet people and see the latest products from a huge number of suppliers under one roof. Please support the event next year.




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