ARB Climber Magazine Issue 16



ArbClimber is a publication dedicated to climbing arborists and tree specialists.  

The magazine focuses around safety and educating professionals in the arborist trade, and features fantastic photos, along with gear reviews, market guides, technique articles and all the latest gear updates.

In this issue:

Front Cover features the Actsafe PMX gas-powered Ascender being used for tree-mapping of a rain forest

  • MARKET GUIDE:  Powered Rope Winches
  • REVIEW: Petzl ZigZag 2019 & Chicane
  • ON-THE-JOB: Chris Girard deals with a lightning struck tree
  • SPECIAL: Women In Arb - Woman's Arb Camp 2019 - Finland
  • MANAGEMENT: TC looks at the 4 steps to managing large scale tree plantings
  • COMPETITIONS: Thomas Schumacher reports of something different at the NOAM event DC 2019
  • TECHNIQUES: International SRT: guest submissions to Japan-based Paul Poynter's Blue-Book