ARB Climber Magazine Issue 18



ArbClimber is a publication dedicated to climbing arborists and tree specialists.  

The magazine focuses around safety and educating professionals in the arborist trade, and features fantastic photos, along with gear reviews, market guides, technique articles and all the latest gear updates.

In this issue:

  • MARKET GUIDE: Non-Handled Ascenders and Rope Grabs  including chest, hand and emergency ascenders - this is a much larger GUIDE than normal and takes up almost half of the magazine!
  • GEAR REVIEW: Petzl Vertex Helmet (2020 version)
  • GEAR REVIEW: FTC 11.7mm Argiope Rope
  • GEAR REVIEW: Echo DCS-2500T 50v battery Chainsaw
  • RECREATIONAL CLIMBING: Just for the Hell of it... pt1