ARB Climber Magazine Issue 19 (DIGITAL COPY)

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ArbClimber is generously offering a FREE digital copy of Issue 19 due to distribution challenges related to Covid-19.   

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* Please note this is a digital download and you will NOT receive a physical hard copy of this issue.  


ArbClimber is a publication dedicated to climbing arborists and tree specialists.  

The magazine focuses around safety and educating professionals in the arborist trade, and features fantastic photos, along with gear reviews, market guides, technique articles and all the latest gear updates.

In this issue:

  • Weaver Cavern Kit Bag
  • GUIDE: Blowers pt1. Battery-Powered Handheld Blowers 
  • GUIDE: 10.5-1.8mm Climbing Ropes
  • TreeaPalooza (Competition inc Aircraft Rescue) by Mike (Ox) Oxman
  • REVIEW: Edelrid Talon climbing spurs
  • REVIEW: Sap Zaprrr tree resin/pitch remover
  • Recreational Tree Climbing pt2 - Where to Climb & Trespass