ARB Climber Magazine Issue 20

$ 4.75 CAD


ArbClimber is a publication dedicated to climbing arborists and tree specialists.  

The magazine focuses around safety and educating professionals in the arborist trade, and features fantastic photos, along with gear reviews, market guides, technique articles and all the latest gear updates.

In this issue:

  • ON-THE-COVER: Petzl Eject
  • GEAR REVIEW: EGO Battery Climbing Saw
  • GEAR REVIEW: Atlantic Braids GripFlex ropes
  • BACKtoBACK: French Climbing Harnesses
  • MARKET GUIDE: BLOWERS pt2 Battery-Powered Backpacks
  • RECREATIONAL TREE CLIMBING: Crossbow Linesetting by  Michael (Ox) Oxman
  • RECREATIONAL TREE CLIMBING: Sleeping in the Trees...pt3  by  Charlotte Ina Sterland
  • SPECIAL: RFID Kit ID Systems