ART SnakeTail

$ 272.99 CAD


The ART SnakeTail has a wide variety of uses in climbing and working with ropes. Due to its short length of roughly 115 cm, the SnakeTail is ideally suited for use as a lanyard between climbing harness and ascender or other rope securing equipment, as a redirection anchor, as a short safety line.

The grooved ring of the SnakeTail is removable. Simply unscrew the safety screw of the sleeve and push back or remove. Now, the grooved ring can be pushed out of the rope eye. The free rope friction sling can then be used as a lanyard.


  • Certified according to EN 795 B and EN 354:02010


  • mobile anchor and connecting device
  • multiple uses e.g. as anchor, redirect, work positioning, connecting device
  • adjustable length in 5 cm intervals
  • can be applied as adjustable friction management device together with carabiners or redirect pulley
  • great abrasion resistance with a wide contact surface thanks to the parallel sewn 8 mm kernmantle Dyneema/Polyester rope
  • low stretch and high strength based on the Dyneema content
  • variable connection and combination with the ART RopeZipper thanks to the detachable grooved ring

Technical Specifications:

  • minimum breaking strength: 23 kN
  • ring’s inner diameter: 25 mm
  • length: ~ 115 cm,
  • weight: ~ 170 g
  • static load capacity of segment seams up to 4 kN (working load)
  • from 5 kN shock absorbing properties with defined tearing of the respective segment seam without affecting the ends minimum breaking strength
  • service life: 5 years