ART Snake Anchor



The SnakeAnchor is a multifunctional anchoring device with a unique tube-shaped ring offering a rope friendly contact point.

Made with two parallel 8mm polyester double braid cords stitched in a innovative multi-stepped system which allow a gradual length adjustment and can be used as shock absorber when a force of 5 kN or higher is applied. 


  • Used as basal or upper anchor
  • Segment stitching makes for continuous adjustments
  • Securing position in choking mode installation with non-locking carabiners
  • To be used as adjustable friction saver with biners or pulleys
  • Great abrasion resistance and wide contact surface based on parallel sewn 8 mm double strand polyamide rope
  • High load capacity plus protection of eye with tube shaped ART ring
  • Better security and tensile strength based on even load distribution onto whole of tube shape ring structure

ART SnakeAnchor