Chain Locker Pro Series

$ 89.95 CAD

SKU: CHL2202 Chain Locker

The Chain Locker™ Pro Series was designed with simplicity and maximum versatility in mind. The Pro Series will fit any chain with a .404 pitch or smaller. Whether you have a 12" chain or a 60" chain, the Pro Series has you covered. You can store a wide variety of sizes in a single Chain Locker or you can dedicate specific colors to specific chains.  And, many of our customers dedicate specific Chain Lockers to specific vehicles in their fleet.  The Pro Series is beefier to accommodate bigger, heavier blades and forestry use. Chainsaw chain storage STILL made simple. 

Made to Last! The Chain Locker™ is made with UV resistant polypropylene to stand up against the sun and on-the-job elements. Hinges and latches are manufactured with 1/8" diameter stainless steel rods and hinges are frame reinforced. There is also a peg hole for organization.

  • Made in the USA
  • Save Time, Money and Frustration
  • No More Tangled Chains
  • Easy Transport & Easy Organization