Climbing Technology RollNLock

$ 122.95 CAD

SKU: CTE2D652 Climbing Technology

This ultra-light pulley and rope clamp combo (only 80 g) from Climbing Technology was designed for work, rope climbing, rescue and self-rescue situations.

Main characteristics:

  • for use with ropes EN 892 / EN 1891 Ø 8 ÷ 13 mm;
  • spring operated cam for use as a rope ascender (fig. 1);
  • sliding lock for use as a pulley (fig. 2);
  • it allows the hauling of light loads (fig. 3);
  • exceptional use with webbing 10÷16 mm, for positioning adjustment (fig. 4);
  • developed to work on wet or dirty ropes as well.
Rope size: 8 - 13mm
Breaking strength: 20kN
Weight: 80g
CE Standards: EN 12278:2007
                         EN 567:1997