Climbing Technology Quickstep Foot Ascender

$ 119.95 CAD

SKU: CTE2D654D Climbing Technology

Light, compact, and efficient. That’s the CT Quickstep Foot Ascender.

Thanks to it's self-cleaning cam, the Quickstep provides excellent grip even on wet, muddy and/or icy ropes.  

Ideal for rope access and tree work, its equipped with a lever that allows you to keep the device open to facilitate the insertion of the rope as well as preventing it from accidentally coming free. 

Well balanced, the Quickstep will not twist under load and features fully adjustable webbing strabs to ensure proper positioning on the user's boot.  The lower strap is reinforced with an extra layer of heavy duty tubular webbing for added durability.

The Quickstep Ascender is available for either the right or left foot which, used in combination with Quick'Up, Chest Ascender or Quick'Arbor, makes for easier, faster ascents.