DBI Cynch Lok Fall Restricting Device


SKU: DBI1204075 Capital Safety

The DBI Sala - Cynch-Lok™ Fall Restricting Pole Strap is meant for one of the most difficult applications of fall protection - climbing wood poles. To tackle this problem, DBI consulted actual linemen to determine their needs. The result is a tremendously user-friendly device, that meets CSA 259.14 standards.

The Pole strap allows users to easily hitch-hike poles (reposition, move or jump the strap upwards) with a hand position that is most comfortable for them. They can also easily move past obstacles. The exterior straps can be changed depending on the type and size of pole you’re climbing.  This design means you don't have to buy multiple devices, and that you can replace parts when they break or wear out.

Cynch-Lok™’ is so named because its unique design “cynches” around a pole in the event of a cut-out or fall. When this is used properly, it limits your falls in accordance with CSA standards. If you're a lineman, choosing the device that will save you from falling is so easy it's a cynch.