3M Peltor Litecom Plus 2-Way Radio Earmuffs



3M’s Peltor LiteCom Plus features a built-in UHF two-way radio and a noise-canceling boom mic. It also features a dual-action, push to talk or voice activated (VOX) operation, and eight preset BRS frequency channels with 38 sub-channels. Finally, it also has 22 FRS/GMRS channels, with 83 sub-channels.

These ear muffs are designed to integrate into your existing BRS 2-way radio system, work with your FRS/GMRS radios, or work standalone. The LiteCom Plus is a low-cost alternative to other high noise 2-way radio communications systems. If you are an arborist or professional that needs a dependable option for hearing protection and communication, the LiteCom Plus won't let you down.

Helmet mounted model attaches to the hearing protection slots in most hard hats.

Attenuation (SNR) 33dB

Operating range: Up to 3 kilometers depending on conditions

Operating time:  Approximately 20 hours