Environmentalist's Subsoil Probe



  • Sets up quicker than a drill rig.
  • Punches through soil like a powered probe
  • Penetrates packed earth roadbeds, hard clay, soil containing limestone gravel, and even frozen soil. (It will not, however, handle large rocks)
  • Requires only one technician for operation.
  • Captures every sample in a PETG copolyester liner.
  • Seal liners with vinyl caps to protect samples going to your lab.
  • Samples measure 0.8 inches in diameter
  • Standard sampling tube pulls a 3 foot long soil core in one plunge.
  • Optional sampling tube pulls a 4 foot long soil core in one plunge.
  • Can sample where electricity or hydraulic operation is compromised.
  • 12.5 pound slide hammer drives sampling tube into the ground.
  • Foot-operated jack pumps tube out of the ground.
              (A 150 pound individual can exert a 1350 pound lifting force.)
  • Nickel plated parts may be decontaminated quickly in the field.

Each kit comes complete with the following items:

1 -  JMC Environmentalist's Sub-Soil Probe
     1 -  36 inch Sampling Tube with 2 Replaceable Tips
     1 -  Slide-Hammer Assembly
    15 - PETG Copolyester 36 inch Liners with 30 Vinyl Caps
     1 -  Cleaning Brush
     1 -  Core Extraction Tool
     1 -  Owner's Manual

 To sample below the length of your sampling tube, add extensions between the sampling tube and slide hammer of the JMC Environmentalist's Sub-Soil Probe.  Master extensions and regular extensions are 3' long.   When adding extensions, one Master extension is required.   Regular extensions can be added to the Master extension to allow sampling to deeper depths.  Maximum sampling depth with extensions is 21 feet.