Ergodyne Skullerz Helmet Visor

$ 63.95 CAD

SKU: ERG899160208 Ergodyne

The Skullerz® 8991 Safety Helmet Visor is designed to increase eye and face protection for those using a Skullerz® Safety Helmet (8974, 8974LED, 8975, 8975LED). The visor features a UV protective z87 lens with a permanent anti-fog and a scratch-resistant hard coat tested to EN166.


This visor is designed to be an accessory attachment to the Skullerz® Safety Helmet (8974, 8974LED, 8975, 8975LED). Use the included attachment hardware to seamlessly integrate into a dedicated mounting location on the Safety Helmet.


The visor lens features a permanent Fog-Off anti-fog that won’t wash or rub off for clear viewing no matter the job—particularly useful for those working with dust masks or in extreme temperature change. A Tena-Coat hard coat provides durable scratch-resistance, and UV protection filters 99.9 percent of harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays to keep eyes safe in the sun.


This impact-resistant safety visor is tested to EN166 Anti-Fog, EN166 Scratch Resistance, ANSI Z87.1+ High-Velocity Impact Protection and optical requirements. ANSI Z87.1 is the US standard for Personal Eye and Face Protection Devices and is listed on the frame.

This visor is also tested to MIL-PRF-32432A Ballistic Fragmentation, Class 1, which is the US Military Combat Eye Protection System Performance Specification for eyewear. To pass the military standard, safety glasses must withstand a steel projectile shot at 660 ft / 201m per second which is 4x faster than the Z87+ standard. Lenses must not puncture, crack or shatter. Frames must retain the lenses and not break.

Approximately 2,200 workers suffer from eye injuries requiring medical treatment each day and, of those injured workers, 3 out of 5 were not wearing eye protection and over 100 required time away from work.

When installed on a Skullerz® Safety Helmet, the 8991 Safety Helmet Visor adds significant eye and face protection for those working at heights, as well as construction & utility job sites, oil & gas, road work, forestry, mining and general site work.

Technical Specifications:

ANSI Z87.1+, CSA Z94.3 & MIL-PRF 32432A Ballistic Impact