GV Wide Trail Snowshoes


SKU: GVS5546 GV Snowshoes

This Wide Trail Snowshoe is designed for maximum flotation on powdered snow. Offering a robust frame and decking material, the shoe is specifically designed with forestry workers in mind. If you need to carry heavy loads in the forest, this snowshoe will keep your feet from sinking in the snow and getting soaked.

The shoes are available in four different sizes. When choosing an option make sure to include both the weight of the user and any gear or clothing they are wearing. Note that weights indicated are based on off trail (powder snow) conditions. If you don't need the flotation but still want a dependable snowshoe, visit our link here. If you need a bag for these, you can find one here.



Maximum Weight


11" x 28"

200 lbs


12" x 33"

220 lbs


11" x 38"

250 lbs


12" x 42"

280 lbs