Hasegawa Orchard Ladders - Not available for online purchase



Note:  Due to special handling requirements, ladders cannot be purchased online, nor is the available inventory tracked.  Please contact us by phone or email to verify availability and/or to place an order.  Shipping these ladders via commercial carrier is not recommended.  


These aluminum tripod ladders are used all over Japan, Europe, and now in North America. Hasegawa creates them for arborists, topiary specialists, institutional and estate gardeners, orchard owners, hedging contractors, and landscapers.

Users appreciate the stability and practicality of the tripod design. The wide base, deep steps, telescopic back leg, as well as broad clawed feet and flat top make it safe and easy to use. Similar to the Eiffel Tower, weight is directed downwards and outwards, pinning the ladder to the ground.

The ladders are welded, extruded aluminum construction, weatherproof, and very strong. Double rungs are easy on the feet, and resist getting muddy or slippery.  The back leg adjusts quickly and easily up to 2′ in 6″ stops with a spring-loaded pin. Extending 6″ and shortening 18″ for use on slopes and uneven terrain. 

We recommend using the rubber feet, now included with every ladder, for working on hard surfaces such as concrete, stone or asphalt.

ANSI approved and rated to 300 lbs.

Available in five sizes:

  • $463.00 - 6 feet - 4 feet Safe Standing Height (SSH)  
  • $550.00 - 8 feet - 5 feet SSH                                          
  • $650.00 - 10 feet - 7 feet SSH
  • $750.00 - 12 feet - 9 feet SSH    
  • $895.00 - 16-feet - 14 feet SSH
  • $ 60.00 -  Replacement Rubber feet (set of 3)       


** Please be advised that due to it's size and/or weight, this product does not qualify for free shipping **