Kask Zenith X Hi Vis Helmet



A compact, hi-tech safety helmet made to exceed global safety standards with exceptional protection from impact and penetration. The Kask Zenith X Helmet delivers more protection, comfort, durability, technology, and performance over the original Kask Zenith.


  • Standards: Z89.1 Type 1 Class E (Zenith) and Class C  Protection against side, front and rear impacts Shock energy absorption capacity (Clauses - front, - lateral, - rear) Penetration (clause 4.2.2) Retention system strength (Clause 4.2.3) Retention system effectiveness (Clause 4.2.4


  • High visibility reflective material and colors
  • Greater impact energy absorption
  • High performance penetration protection
  • Resistance to color degradation
  • Designed with integrated slots ready for eye and face protection
  • Advanced Chinstrap with 5 points of adjustment and a color coded buckle for added visibility

Technical Specifications:

  • Internal Shell: D CORE TECHNOLOGY Low density inner core for top impact protection
  • HD Crown Protection: High density inner shell protection for all- around impacts
  • Adaptive Fit System: Patented size adjustment system for secure, self adapting comfort. Double diameter textured center wheel with self adapting neck support and multi- directional adjustment system
  • Inner Padding: attached with buttons
  • Dry+ Liner: Moisture - wicking fabric with silver ion antibacterial treatment for enhanced comfort
  • Material: HD Polypropylene for new Zenith X models
  • Accessories: All backwards compatible with previous Zenith products.