Keson Nylon Reinforced Steel Open Reel Measuring Tapes

$ 131.95 CAD


Keson has been making quality steel tapes for over 40 years. Their tapes consistently meet the highest standard for quality surveyor measurements. They are resistant to breakage and damage, and are tested under the toughest conditions.

The steel tapes are coated with .2mm nylon, which is bonded over a 13mm steel core. This multilayered construction gives the tapes great corrosion resistance, even to salt water.

This strength gives the tapes a life of at least three times that of the usual expectancy. Standard on all tapes is double riveted cases, reinforced handles and rubber grips. Tapes are graduated in metres, centimetres, and millimetres. All tapes have a folding hook on the end. Warning: these tapes have steel blades. Keep away from electrical hazards.