North 7700 Safety Half Mask Respirator

$ 26.36 CAD

SKU: NOR5500-30L North BY Honeywell

The North 7700 Series Half Mask is known around the industry for its comfortable fit and reliability. Featuring a 100% medical grade silicone construction and cradle suspension, the mask has been in use for over 25 years. During that time, it has protected workers in some of the harshest conditions.

Recommended Industries/Use

Steel and Metals


Airborne Particulates
Gas, Vapors, Smoke


Regulation - NIOSH Certified for use with North N Series filters and cartridges, Compact Air PAPR and CF2000 Supplied Air Respirator.

*If you need the same features as the North 7700 but want an option that is a little more economical, look no further than the 5500. The 5500 is a great choice for the occasional user, contractor, or visitor. Instead of a silicone design, the mask is made from an elastomeric material. However, the mask still retains most of the features of its big brother, the 7700.*

Please note that cartridges and filters are sold separately. All of the North Half Masks can be adapted into PAPR or Supplies Air systems. Each mask comes in your choice of Small, Medium, or Large.