Presco Polar Glo Premium Flagging Tape, with Text

$ 3.33 CAD

SKU: PSCCUAR1OGBK645265 Presco

Priced per roll.  Sold in multiples of 10 units.

For professionals who need their tape for specific situations, we have the Presco Polar Glo Premium Flagging Tape with Text. If you have browsed the other flagging tape products on our site and have decided that nothing really fits, then this may be the product for you.

Like our other flagging tapes from Presco, the product is designed to be used in very tough conditions. Presto has lab tested their tape to endure temperatures to -43 degrees. The tape is also UV stabilized, a process that enables the tape to resist fading for up to a year in direct sunlight.

Each roll is one inch in width and provides 125 feet of tape. All text is in a bold, easy to read black color. Several color and text combinations are available, and we stock several of the most common. Other titles and colors are available, as a special order. Please note that there will be a minimum order quantity applied to such orders.