Felco Leather Pruner Holster With Belt Clip

$ 17.95 CAD

SKU: FELF912 Felco

Felco is a Swedish company, known the world over for making pruning and cutting tools. This scabbard is made in premium leather, in much the same ways as many of Felco’s other products are. The choice of leather in the design allows products to be durable and strong. This leather scabbard has waxed thread and extra riveting, which prevents the scabbard from coming apart.

Available in either a clip-on or belt variant. Arborists who use pruners on a daily basis cannot afford to have them fall or get damaged through improper storage. The leather scabbard helps keep their tools in place, protecting them from damage and prolonging their life. If you're looking for the leather holster, you can find it here.