Natpro Safecut Summer Chainsaw Pants


SKU: NTP93899512831 NatPro

When using a chainsaw, proper protection is essential. Natpro's Safecut line offers outstanding performance and is comfortable enough to wear throughout the day. Natpro forms the upper rear of each leg from a nylon mesh that allows for greater airflow. This material helps make the pants cooler in warm weather. 

The waist is stretchy, so pants fit sizes within a 2" range. Shorter and longer inseams are available as a special order.


  • UL certified to ASTM F3325-20 /SA11769  - exceeds WCB standard for British Columbia.

Additional information:

  • Frontal protection is from the ankle to the crotch and in the calf from the ankle to the lower knee.
  • These Chainsaw Pants are machine washable.