Saunders Snapak Clipboard

$ 59.95 CAD


Saunders created their Snapak from recycled aluminum, with the same attention to detail and environmental consciousness they have with their other products. They make their Snapak line from a minimum of 60% post-consumer waste, which results in a minimal amount of strain on the environment.

The Snapak is a side opening form holder, with a 3/8’ storage compartment. It features a high-tension inner clip, which holds up to a half inch of paper. This tension is enough to hold documents during a windy day. The clipboard opens similar to a book, allowing the user easy access to forms and documents. The form holder is treated with an antimicrobial agent, which reduces bacteria and fungal build-up. AA/CPG Compliant.

The Snapak comes in two sizes.. One is letter sized and will fit forms that measure up to    8 1/2 X 12 inches, and the other is memo sized for forms up to  5 2/3 x 9 1/2 inches.