Tecnu Oak-N-Ivy Cleanser

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SKU: FOS25330 Tecnu

Use this cleanser to remove the oils from poison ivy, poison oak, and sumac. When used within 2-8 hours after exposure, it removes urushiol oil (the rash-causing compound) before a rash begins. If a rash has already appeared, using the cleanser helps remove any free oil from the skin and allows the natural healing process to begin without possible recontamination.

Urushiol oil can also spread from contaminated clothing, shoes, gloves, tools, and pets. Since the oil does not evaporate, it can remain on these items for months or even years. Use Tecnu to remove the oil and avoid a rash from secondary contact.

  • Apply to dry skin for two minutes, then rinse with cool water or wipe off with a cloth.
  • Ingredients: deodorized mineral spirits, water, propylene glyco, octylphenoxy-polyethoxethanol, mixed fatty acid soap and fragrance.
  • 355ml bottle