Teufelberger HipSTAR Flex


SKU: NEW7350088 Teufelberger

hipSTAR Flex (formally known as the CElanyard) is a multifunctional and certified lanyard that capitalizes on the length adjustment advantages of the "Hitch Climber System".

The new and improved hipSTAR FLEX 11.5mm is certified to:

  • EN 358:1999
  • EN 795B:2012
  • AS/NZS 5532:2013
  • AS/NZS 1891.1:2007
  • ANSI Z133-2017


In addition, two knots, i.e., 'Distel' and 'Valdotain 4+3', are now certified for the Ocean Polyester e2e. The seams of the ends of the hipSTAR Flex come with TEUFELBERGER's resin-based [tnt] seam protector technology. The 7 mm Ocean Dyneema® rope with stainless steel thimble is designed as an additional mounting point.

The following elements continue to be exchangeable:

  • Ocean Polyester e2e
  • Ocean Dyneema® Loop T
  • hipSTAR FLEX e2e



  • Diameters: 11.5 and 12.7 mm
  • Lengths:  3 m,  5 m, 7 m
  • Standards:
    • Ø 11.5 mm: EN 358:1999; EN 795B:2012; AS/NZS 5532:2013; AS/NZS 1891.1:2007; ANSI Z133-2017
    • Ø 12.7 mm: EN 358:1999; EN 795B:2012; ANSI Z133-2017