Teufelberger TreeMOTION S. Light Saddle


SKU: TEU7350139 Teufelberger

Teufelberger’s Super Light (S. Light) version of their treeMotion harness has the same quality and comfort as the original, but with less weight. They test the S. Light to 120 kg, and it features the safety seams at the ends of the rope bridge. The rear ring on this variant is still red and thus only suited to attach equipment.

The thinner material and the lighter buckles make this harness remarkably lightweight and suited for tasks that require repeated ascending and descending. It adapts perfectly to your body and does not interfere with your climbing.

Available in one size that fits sizes 30" to 39". 

Safety Ratings

  • EU-RL 89/686/EWG for PPE, in dependence on EN 813 and EN 358.
  • ANSI Z133.1 2012

The S.Light has friction buckles on the belt and leg straps. These buckles are lighter than the quick connect ones on the standard treeMOTION. However, this means it takes longer to put the S. Light on and take it off. Also, the back pad on the S. Light model is thinner and not as comfortable as the standard model.

The red aluminum ring on the rear of the S Light saddle is for hanging gear, not for life support.