Trupulse 360R Laser Rangefinder



The TruPulse 360°R professional-grade laser rangefinder possesses power and functionality unlike any other measurement and mapping device on the market. Integrated with LTI’s exclusive TruVector 360° Compass Technology®, this laser can calculate several different measurement solutions that will help you achieve faster, safer and more accurate results. Having improved performance and a rugged exterior, the 360R model will consistently work under any condition.

New & Improved! 

  • 33% more range accuracy
  • 25% better target acquisition
  • Increased Azimuth Accuracy
  • Bluetooth® communication included
  • 2 year limited warrenty

GIS Mapping

  • Seamless integration with popular GPS/GNSS, GIS apps and software solutions for laser offset mapping
  • Collect additional attribute data such has heights, spans and multiple values between any two remote points
  • Withstands harsh conditions with its rugged exterior

TruVector 360° Compass Technology

  • Produces accurate and repeatable Azimuth (AZ) results regardless of the tilt or pitch you use to aim the laser
  • Recognizes conditions that will affect the reliability of the compass accuracy and prompts you to perform a field calibration

Advanced Targeting

  • LTI’s reflectorless technology allows you to capture data safely and conveniently to practically any target or surface type
  • Capture the correct measurement to your intended target by choosing from any of the 4 targeting modes
  • Consistently achieve highly accurate and repeatable results that true professionals need to do their job