Good Rigging Control System (GRCS), Arborist Version

$ 4,879.95 CAD

SKU: GRSGR1000C Good Rigging LLC

The Arborist Version of the Good Rigging Control System is the ultimate tool for raising and lowering heavy loads in a safe and controlled fashion. Developed by Greg Good, the GRCS has two settings. It provides a 44:1 and a 22:1 mechanical advantage. It comes with two bollards, one for lowering and one for lifting. It has a dead lift rating of 3,000 lb and a working load limit (WLL) of 2,000 lb.

In 2012, the GRCS was updated with an improved winch: the Harken 46 Arborist. It has a taller drum, allowing for a full five wraps with a 3/4" lowering line. The self-tailer has been changed to accommodate the larger diameter ropes.

In addition to the complete unit, a variety of replacement parts are also available. If you need to raise and lower heavy loads, this is the tool for you.

Includes the following components: Harken lifting winch, lowering bollard,  tree/pole mount assembly, 36” tensioning bar and winch handle.

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