Yale Kernmaster Rope Orange with Green Tracer By the Foot


SKU: YAL76753280 Yale

Kernmaster is a 48-strand Kernmantle rope with an outer polyester jacket over an energy-absorbing nylon core. Kernmaster makes an excellent SRS line. It is very low stretch and works great in all of your favorite Single Rope hardware.

Yale's Kernmaster is a Kernmantle climb line with good energy absorption. The core fibers of Kernmaster are braided, unlike most other kernmantles, which makes it perform more like a 24-strand, allowing for both access and DdRT climbing using quick hitches. The supple hand of Kernmaster works well with hybrid SRT devices like the Hitch Hiker.


  • CE/EN1891 rated

Technical Specifications:

  • Quick Overview: 7/16” diameter, 7,100 ABS, 5.5 lb per 100’.