Jameson BL-Series Lightweight Hollow Core Extension Poles

$ 105.95 CAD

SKU: JAMBL6 Jameson

B-Lite hollow core fiberglass poles are commonly used in the tree care and landscaping industry for general pruning. B-Lite fiberglass poles are super lightweight, very strong and rigid, and have an enamel surface to keep fiber from blooming. B-Lite poles are individually batch to 100kv per foot for 5 minutes. Mid section pole (also known as extension section) comes with a female ferrule one one end and male ferrule on the other.


  • Lightweight powerhouse poles for tree trimming
  • Provide less flex for greater control even when connecting two or even three poles
  • Hollow Core Base Pole features a rubber end cap and female ferrule for attaching tool heads or additional poles
  • Fiberglass pole measures 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 ft. long, features a hollow core, .075 in. wall thickness, and 1.25 in. pole diameter
  • Made in the USA
  • Batch tested to 100KV per foot for 5 minutes
  • **Not A “Hot Stick” – Not For Use On Energized Lines

Jameson BL-Series Extension Poles are available in 6ft., and 8ft.

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