Warranty Returns/Exchanges


Should you have an issue with any manufacturer-warranted product that was purchased through us, we are more than happy to assist you in opening a claim. 

Please send an email to warranty@ufsupplies.com  including all of the following information:

  • Your invoice number, order number and/or the customer or business name that the item was purchased under.
  • The product that you are submitting a warranty claim for.
  • A brief description of what's wrong with the product along with any additional details that you are able to provide related to the problem (ex. when did the damage occur or did the product stop working, what happened when the product stopped working etc.)
  • Pictures of the damage/issue with the product
  • Pictures of any labels or markings on the product that contain a production date or serial number (for boots this is typically located on the inside of the tongue).
  • Your full name, email address and phone number


While we stand behind the manufacturer-warranted products that we carry, some require us to physically return the product(s) to them for inspection prior to giving us the authorization to provide a refund, credit or warranty replacement.

Any defective product must be returned to us, at the customer’s expense, upon request for visual evaluation and review.

If a returned product is determined defective according to the manufacturer, we will replace, credit, or repair according to the manufacturer's guidelines/directions. 

We do not accept any responsibility or liability for the terms of Manufacturer warranties and/or the decisions they make pertaining to the replacement or refund of the products covered under said warranties, and we will not replace items until we are authorized to do so by the manufacturer.   As a result, immediate over the counter returns and exchanges for items under warranty are therefore not always available.