TruArc 15 Mirror Compass

$ 89.95 CAD


Brunton’s TruArc 15 Mirror Compass is an updated version of their old Ranger compass. The cover hinge runs the full width of the compass, giving it the strength to hold up cover in dense brush. The TruArc is so named because it contains Brunton’s Global Needle System. When combined with Brunton’s Ever-North™ rare earth magnets, professionals can make quick and accurate measurements.

The TruArc 15 has high visibility needle tips, which enhances performance in situations with low light. It has a built-in clinometer and adjustable declination. It has a map magnifier, a level bubble, and a one-degree resolution. The scale on the TruArc is metric (mm/cm). Whether you are a forester, geologist or other resource management professionals, this compass will give you accurate measurements.