Buckingham ErgoLite Arborist Saddle with Batten Seat

$ 1,482.95 CAD

SKU: BUK17904S Buckingham

This saddle has all the same features as the regular ErgoLite saddle. However, it has a batten seat instead of independent leg straps. Buckingham designed the seat to distribute the climber's weight more effectively. This feature provides an advantage over the independent leg strap model when the climber is suspended for longer periods of time. A comfortable, lightweight, and breathable waist belt further contributes to the climber's comfort. 

The saddle has stainless-steel clevises at either end of a high-strength warp speed bridge. These clevises allow for simple bridge replacement when necessary. Instead of taking the saddle apart, the user can open and close the locking clevis with common tools. Use only Buckingham authorized bridges. 


  • Front buckle closure (for easier on/off wearing spikes)
  • Lightweight aluminum full sized work positioning dee rings
  • Second set of dee's mounted under the work positioning dee's allow the bridge to articulate
  • Quick-adjust strapping
  • Adjustment areas: waist, legs, seat depth and bridge height
  • 6 Large accessory loops


  • X-Small (XS) = 24-28" (610 - 711 mm) waist size
  • Small (S) = 28-32" (711-813 mm) waist size
  • Medium (M) = 32-36" (813-914 mm) waist size
  • Large (L) = 36-40" (914-1016 mm) waist size
  • X-Large (X) = 40-44" (1016-1118 mm) waist size

*Note: Fit is important to comfort. Be sure to allow for wear over heavy clothing. In order to obtain an optimum fit, the work positioning D-rings should be positioned slightly forward of the hip bones.