Effigis EZ-Surv Lite GNSS Software

$ 715.00 CAD

SKU: JUN19875 Effigis Geo Solutions

EZSurv is a reliable and effortless solution that allows seamless data post-processing between different GNSS receiver native formats. This real value-added step can be easily integrated into your current RTK process or your GIS data integration loop. EZSurv is an open solution that processes GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou signals from different types of receiver brands. It is compatible with industry standard data collection software.

Lite GNSS version is for GIS users looking for reliable sub-foot accuracy using GNSS receivers.

There are two licencing options available.

1. Using the receiver Serial Model (to accommodate manufacturers who want to include software with their equipment)

2. PC-Base License using a software Key Code:  An OPEN License (processing all supported binary formats).