Friedrich Richter Fiberglass Diameter Tapes

$ 39.00 CAD


This product is PVC coated fibreglass measuring tape, from Bavarian company Friedrich Richter. It has a rugged ABS case, with a special claw for anchoring trees. The tape has a reach up to 20 metres in circumference or five metres in diameter. Professionals use the tape in three ways. 

The first way allows users to calculate an object’s diameter using its circumference. The second method allows users to calculate a circumference using diameter. Lastly, the tape can also be used as a standard metric measuring tape. Available in either 5 metre or 7.5-metre variants. Refills for each also available. 

If you are an arborist, a forestry professional, or just someone who needs and easy way to measure circumference and diameter this is the product for you.

Fibreglass tapes typically last as long as the steel ones do, as the numbers on both usually wear off around the same time. If you prefer the steel measuring tape, you can find it here.