Haglof EC II D Electronic Clinometer


SKU: INH151021019MP Haglof

The Haglöf ECIID Clinometer is used by forestry professionals to measure angles and heights. The ECIID continues the Haglöf legacy, with well-known quality and accuracy. The new clinometer now features an easy to use three-button design. It allows its user to measure results instantly with its built-in display. These results, which are electronically calculated, greatly reduce the risk of calculation and reading errors.

 The new model EC II D uses basic trigonometry to calculate the distance between you (the user) and the object being measured. Set a reference height mark on the object at 2 meters. Step back until you have a clear view of the reference mark and the top of object. Measure the angle to the reference mark, followed by the usual base angle and top angle. The EC II D will calculate and display the height of the object for you.

Although it is primarily used to measure the height of trees, the clinometer can be used in other industries as well. It can be used in road construction and planning, geology, archaeology, and a host of other uses. The user can measure heights from virtually any distance from the object. The ECII uses a single AA battery, which can be replaced by sliding open the battery cover.

The clinometer is exceptionally economical on battery consumption, and a single battery can often last for several months. The ECII is sure to be a companion for any professional that needs to measure an object 's height in the field.

This new version is expected to be available in March of 2017.