Haix Airpower XR200 Chainsaw Protective Boots

$ 529.95 CAD

SKU: HAX604105-8 Haix

The Haix Airpower XR200 is a great all around boot with a focus on comfort. Its liner will never pull out or wrinkle, as it is sealed with the upper leather beneath the sole. The boot has vent holes at the top, allowing for excellent circulation. A leather reinforcement over the heel bend protects against chafing. 

The Airpower also has outstanding safety features. The Airpower's through sole meets CAN/CSA Z195-2009 standards for puncture resistance. The moisture barrier is Waterproof, breathable, and chemical resistant. It also has an integrated heel bend, low-friction lacing elements, TPU toe cap, no side seams, and reinforcement in the toe area.

Searching for a premium safety boot that is comfortable and durable? Don’t suffer through an inferior pair. Haix’s airpower may be just the boots you’re looking for.

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