Keson Diameter Tapes x6

$ 22.95 CAD

SKU: KESD18646 Keson

*Note: Priced per unit sold in multiples of 6*

It is often difficult to measure the diameter of cylindrical objects like trees and pipes with traditional tape measures. With Keson diameter tape, the task is greatly simplified. The tape is calibrated to 3.14(pi) inches, which allows users to get accurate measurements. Please note that these diameter tapes have no end hooks.

The tapes are available in two versions: a plastic and steel case. The plastic model is graduated in feet and inches on one side. The first six inches are marked to 32nds, and there is a black space before the zero mark. The other side of the plastic model measures diameter in inches graduated to 64ths. The steel model is graduated in feet and inches on one side, with inches in pi to the 100th. The other side has feet and inches, to 1/8 and 1/16th.