Kombat Max Defence Bug Spray

$ 8.95 CAD

SKU: EMP90300 Empack Spraytech

Kombat Insect Repellents are your best line of defense against pesky mosquitoes and other flying insects that always know how to ruin a good time!
Our superior DEET-based formulas contain natural ingredients including aloe vera, vitamin E, coconut oil and citronella fragrance to avoid the drying effects of DEET on skin.

Additional features include:
• Bag on Valve (BOV) technology
• 360° continuous spray
• Ultra light sheer mist spray
• Applies easily at any angle
• Cleaner and more environmentally friendly
• Uses power of air - no chemical propellants

Our formulas provide long lasting protection against mosquitoes and other insects, including black flies, biting midges, deer flies, ticks, stable flies and chiggers!

200 gram can.  30% DEET.

Made in Canada