Leyat GLARP Flower Cutting "Cut and Hold Hand Pruner"

$ 65.99 CAD

SKU: LEY96717 Leyat


  • High performance cut and hold pruners - right or left hand use
  • horticulture mainly
  • suitable for all size hands

The LEYAT GLA RP is a reference within its own category. it distinguishes itself with a very fine cutting head dotted with a prehension of the cut plant system. This system makes it possible to pick flowers with a single hand.

  • Ergonomic
  • Forged aluminium = lightness and strength
  • Non-slip plastic coating
Cutting head :
  • PTFE coating (rust free and sap free)
  • High quality hardened carbon steel
  • Easy replacement 
  • Precise and clean cut, long lifetime
  • Sap groove and wire cutting notch
Adjustment and ergonomics :
  • Precise and easy with LEYAT system
  • Integrated shock absorber for a perfect wrist and hand protection
  • 3 opening position for increased productivity
  • Ergonomic design for comfort


Cutting capacity 12 mm
Weight 245 g
Length 215 mm