Myke Pro Arbor WP


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Myke Pro Arbor WP is a concentrated mycorrhizal inoculant in powder form. With the help of root injection equipment, the powder can be used on mature trees and shrubs. It contains 8 species of mycorrhizal fungi, both AM and ecto. This mixture of microorganisms is designed to provide benefits in broad of spectrum conditions.

Mycorrhizae are fungi that are found in the soil, forming a symbiotic relationship with plants. When they settle in root systems, they create a network that increases the plant to absorb water and nutrients. In many soils, mycorrhizae have been depleted to levels that are ineffective. Myke products aim to increase these levels, so that plants are able to grow at optimal rates.

  • Case Size: 1.75 kg (3.8 lb) Each case contains twelve 5 oz pouches
  • Sold per case
  • Maximum Particle Size: 0.18 mm (80 mesh)
* Item is not available for purchase outside Canada.

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