Notch Wrap Star 8.1mm GS Eye to Eye Hitch Cord


SKU: NOT42492 Notch

The Wrap Star 8.1mm prusik cords's construction featuring HMPE core with braided polyester/Technora® cover.


• Construction featuring HMPE core with braided Polyester/Technora® cover
• High heat resistance
• Flexible cover allows efficient release of hitches and good knotability
• Great abrasion resistance
• Good grip with firm round shape


• Material: Cover = Technora®/Polyester Core = HMPE
• Braid: 24 carrier cover (2 strands per carrier)
• Cover/Core ratio = 55/45
• Cover % composition (Technora®/Polyester) 8.1mm = 43/57


Diameter  8.1mm, 5/16"
Weight 41.7 g
Avg min breaking strength (straight pull) 5,090 lbs.
Avg min breaking strength (basket configuration)  10,180 lbs.