Notch Yard Armor Outrigger Pad

$ 133.99 CAD

SKU: NOT39958 Notch

Notch Yard Armor outrigger pad made from high visibility, heavy duty UHMWPE. Their red color makes them easy to see, and the handles are made from 9mm Sterling HTP Static Line for extreme durability. Yard Armor Ground Protection Mats are intended for use on solid ground to add traction for people and vehicles, reduce turf or soil damage from tires and tracks, and displace vehicle weight. The mats also serve to keep vehicles from sinking into soft ground. Yard Armor Outrigger Pads are intended for use under the outriggers of trucks, cranes, and heavy machinery. They should be used on solid ground to reduce turf or soil damage and to displace the weight put on the vehicle’s outrigger. The user should always select the appropriate size outrigger pad for the vehicle. Never use any Yard Armor product to bridge a gap. This can cause the product to buckle, which could cause damage to the vehicle and people or property nearby.
Because Yard Armor products are intended to be used under heavy machinery, some wear and tear is expected. Notch Equipment provides a limited lifetime replacement warranty on all Yard Armor products, including Yard Armor Ground Protection Mats and Yard Armor Outrigger Pads. This warranty covers material and manufacturing defects that manifest through normal use throughout the life of the product. The warranty is does not cover Yard Armor products that have been used for anything other than its intended purpose.