DMM Rigger Becket Pulley

$ 149.95 CAD


An evolution of the Triple Attachment Pulley first brought to the market 10 years ago by DMM. The hot forged swing-cheek pulley with an in-built three hole rigging plate allows creative configurations and enables direct connection to textile components to save on weight and complication. The Rigger Pulleys feature a new axle construction achieved by using highly accurate CNC operations, which produces a stronger axle/side plate interface for increased longevity. Bolstered connection areas lead to high configured strengths. The newly developed side plates combined with the axle construction means a hugely increased MBS to 44kN. The side plates boast increased fairleads and tuned angles for more efficient prusik minding.


- Ultra-high strength pulley side plates

- High efficiency roller bearings - Hollow axle for reduced weight

- Increased rope-bearing cross-section for textile attachments to the attachment holes

- Same sheave as previous Triple Attachment Pulley

- New axle design to increase robustness of the axle/ nut to side plate interface

- Optional M5 nut and bolt for locking side plates together and can be installed from either side

- DMM iD optional

- Can be used as rig plate with or without sheave