Buckingham Shock Absorbing Chainsaw Lanyrad 1" x 48" Green

$ 59.95 CAD

SKU: BUK25G12A Buckingham

This Chainsaw Lanyard features a 1 3/4″ ring for suspension when not in use, an elastic bungee designed for safety and convenience that measures 48” fully extended and a tear away safety pack that activates when 200 lbs. of force is applied.

Feel safe with knowing your chainsaw will breakaway if too much force is applied, one customer states: “Works great! And I feel much safer knowing it will tear away if needed.” – Danny


Length  48"
Weight 0.32 lbs
Material Nylon webbing
Safety pac activation after 200 lbs. of force
May not be used with: Chainsaw weighing more than 15 lbs
Attachment type 1.125″ Steel Ring
Suspension type  1.75″ Steel Ring