Hands Free Support for Sterling Pack

$ 64.95 CAD

SKU: TEG0315HFYuma2 Tablet Ex Gear

A frequent challenge for tablet users is the need for a flat surface. Tasks like internet browsing are easily performed one-handed. However, more precise tasks like note taking may be difficult because it is hard to hold the tablet still with one hand and type with the other.

Tablet Ex-Gear's Solution is the Hands-Free Support. The tablet computer is attached securely to a “Support Tray” that is supported by the Tablet EX Gear Chest Pack. It has a hook that secures into a horizontal lanyard, allowing you to use your tablet hands-free. Users can easily remove the tablet and reattach without fumbling with complex mounting systems.

Here is a video demonstrating the system being used for a 10" Panasonic TouchTab. 

Several other support systems are available for other tablets. Systems are compatible with either the Cortes or Stirling Chest Pack, which you can find here. For example, the Stirling iPad Mini is for the Stirling Chest Pack and will fit the iPad Mini. If you have questions about compatibility, please email us.