Top Saw Chainsaw Pocket Wrench II

$ 35.95 CAD

SKU: ATH7800 Topsaw

A chainsaw is a complex tool, with several moving parts. The Pocket Wrench is an 8-in-1 hand tool that is designed to help professionals perform maintenance on their chainsaws and reduce downtime. 

At 4.5” long, the wrench easily fits in a pocket. The first tool it continues is a large screwdriver for bar adjustment. It also has a T27 Torx for all bolts on a Stihl chainsaw and a small screwdriver (for fuel and bar oil adjustment). The wrench has a 4mm Allen Wrench, for work on Echo and Husqvarna saws).The wrench also has a 13mm (1/2”) socket that will fit a bar nut on a half or full wrap handle Husqvarna saw.

The other end of the tool has a 19mm deep socket that is a reversible 16mm socket for the spark plug on all saws and a bar nut on a Stihl saw. Finally, the wrench comes with a nylon sheath for transportation. No matter what the brand of chainsaw, the Topsaw Chainsaw Wrench will ensure that time without your trusty saw is kept to a minimum.