Soil Compaction Tester

$ 699.95 CAD

SKU: CPI155850003 Universal Field Supplies

The soil compaction tester is a long steel rod (with depth marks of 3”, 6”, 9”, 12”, 15”, and 18”). It can be inserted to 24”, allowing you to test compaction levels as far down as subsoiling depths. As you put the tester in, the compaction needle rotates in the steel housing. This needle, in a color-coded dial, indicates compaction levels in psi (three ranges: 0-200, 200-300 and 300+ psi). 

Incremental 3” depth markings along shaft help you monitor and record changes in compaction levels at different depths. Features two interchangeable stainless steel tips (3/4”, 1/2”), and rugged, molded plastic housing/handle.