X-Rigginig Triple Ring Sling 3/4" x 5 ft. TREX

$ 352.99 CAD

SKU: ROL38172 Notch

A Notch Beast Rigging Thimble #3 XL (38mm x 28mm) spliced onto a 3/4-inch (19mm) 12 strand high-strength TREX Rigging Rope with a Whoopie Sling. Notch took the versatility and functionality of the whoopie sling and combined it with the same traits of the unique X-Rigging ring. Adjustable from 3 to 5 feet, the X-Rigging ring whoopie sling can go from ground level diameters to the crown in your rigging systems. Redirect lines out of the way, vary block angles, and redirect forces—all with the ease and speed only a whoopie sling can provide. The uses for rigging applications are many. Redirect, fair lead, speedline, you name it.
Perhaps its best property is the most subtle one—through the use of strategically placed X-Rigging rings, riggers aloft can devise rigging systems that work with the tree’s natural strength and structure. Rope and rope angles can be managed in and around the tree, in and out of blocks and other rigging points. Weak points can be strengthened or avoided. Loads can be placed in compression on the tree, and trees can be removed safely and effectively. X-Rigging slings now available with the XL Beast Ring for increased friction, and increased bend radius. Working Load Limit: 3125 lbs. (13.9 kN)